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SMS Marketing In Three Easy Steps
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What Can Group Texting
Do For My Company?

Group Texting is an affordable Mass SMS solution for businesses, groups, and non-profits, reaching 160+ countries.
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How Does Long Code Text
Messaging Work?

Our online Group Text Messaging services makes sending mass text messages via long codes a fast, simple, affordable process.
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Why Should My Group
Use Long Codes?

We offer the power of SMS without the hassle of short code approvals, no setup fees and unmatched features including true two-way SMS messaging & point-and-click contact importing.
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Who Uses Our SMS Marketing Service?

Bars, Fortune 500 companies, ministries, non-profits, real estate agencies, restaurants, small businesses & other groups use our SMS Marketing platform.
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Affordable Group Texting

Group Texting makes SMS mass text messaging more affordable than ever with free incoming text messages.  Group Texting allows your business to send SMS messages to promote contests, share coupons, take polls and more.  Our web-based texting service offers the power of mass texting along with the freedom of long codes.  Long codes, also known as virtual mobile numbers (VMN), are special long phone numbers that can send and receive text messages.  Group Texting gives you the power of SMS (short messaging services) without the hassle of short code approvals.  Getting your own short code takes many months and costs thousands of dollars – and that’s just to get started. Long codes cut through the restrictive red tape associated with purchasing your own short code.  Setting up a long code campaign is fast and free. Ready to start? Send and receive text messages with ten complimentary message credits and a free keyword. The keyword is yours forever whether you buy credits, choose a monthly plan, or never login again.

Long Codes Allow You to Reach Everyone
Long codes deliver text messages where short codes can’t. Google Voice, VOIP phones and mobile numbers are all within your reach ( Contact us for info on sending/receiving international text messages).  One price per message - Anywhere in North America (US, Canada, and Caribbean Islands).  One company - Group Texting.

Our SMS marketing service is used by Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, ministries, restaurants, bars, small business and many more groups and companies.  SMS text marketing allows you effortlessly reach large groups of people within minutes. 

Looking to integrate with our text messaging platform? Group Texting's SMS gateway connects you to billions of mobile subscribers, while our easy to use API offers you the full range and power of our SMS long code platform.

Try Group Texting for free.  No commitments, no credit card, no catches.  GroupTexting is the right solution for your business.  You’ll never sign a contract, and the only time you pay is when you choose to launch a mass text messaging campaign.  You can pay as you go; or you can save money with a monthly plan that you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.  Try Group Texting now. You’ll be sending messages in 60 seconds.

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Group Texting is an easy way to send messages using your computer.

SMS Via Long Code

Fast, efficient web-based software for sending text messages.

You customers can text in your Keyword to join your contact list.

Keywords On Our Long Code

Text-To-Join, Text-To-Win, and True Two SMS Messaging are all possible with your account's free Keyword.
Upload your opted in contacts and assign them to groups.

Upload Contacts

Upload your existing lists of
opted in phone numbers.

Send messages to thousands of people with a single click.

SMS Marketing

Easily send your bulk text messages to groups
large and small. Coupons, Contests and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Code SMS Marketing

  • Click To Compare Long Codes & Short Codes
  • What are long codes? Long codes are virtual mobile telephone numbers that allow you to send and receive text messages
  • In what countries can I send and receive messages? We support the US, Canada, and 160 other countries (See coverage).
  • What is SMS Marketing? SMS Marketing is the use of text messages to get in touch with your current customers and reach out to new customers. Offer coupons, build loyalty, announces specials, run polls, and more.
  • Why should I use long codes instead of short codes? Long codes are setup instantly instead of taking months. They're just as fast and effective as short codes. They're also much cheaper -- all of our accounts include at least one free Keyword.
  • Does Group Texting charge setup fees? No setup fees. Ever.
  • Do I have to sign a contract? Never. Pay as you go or pay monthly. Either way you'll never sign a contract. You're free to cancel your monthly plan at any time.
  • See Our Frequently Asked Questions

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